Alternator Parts/Components
-End Brackets (Plates)
-Rectifier (Diode) Plates
-Slip Rings
-Carbon Assemblies
-Carbon Brushes
-Dust Cover
-Vaccum Rotors
-Fixing Brackets
-Through Bolts
-Oil Seals
-Magnetic Coils
  Battery Charging Clamps
  Battery Lugs Brass
  Battery Terminals Brass
  Dash Board Lights
  Fuse Boxes
  Head Light Holders
  Heater Plugs
  Heater Timers (Glow Plug ) Electronic
  Horn Tuners
  Magnetic Coils
  Mobile Chargers
  Pressure Horn Pipes (Nylone)
  Starter Motor Components
-Centre Plates
-Bendix Drives
-Field coils
-Solenoid Switches
-Pinion Bushes
-Brush Plates
-Covering Plates
-Solenoid Switch Covers
-Clutch Parts
-Bendix Forks
-Solenoid Switch Spindles
-Contact Sets
-Connection Patties
-Solenoid Switch Cap Bolts
-Needle Bushes
-Field Killi Kit Sets
-Rubber Packings
-Main Earth Bolts
-Packings & Washers
-Through Bolts
-Screws & Nuts
-Ignition / Main Line Switches
-Starter Switches, Horn / Push Buttons
-Head Light Switches
-Push Pull / Toggle Switches
-Combination / Dimmer Switches
-Piano / Indicator Switches
-Battery Cut Off Switches
-Hazard Waring Switches
-Ignition / Main Line Switch Keys
-Reverse Light Switches
-Stop Light Switches
-Oil Pressure Switches
-Fan Thermostate (Radiator Switch)
-On / Off Switches With LED (Anupam Type)
  Tail Lamp Holders / Wires
  Temperature Sensing Unit
  Wiper Parts
  Wiring Terminals (Clips) Brass



Combination / Dimmer Switches

Item Code: 25-2651 (OLD PART NO.HP-1630)
Application: Tata

Item Code: 25-2652 (OLD PART NO.HP-1631)
Application: Tata-1612 New Model (Self Cancellation)

Item Code: 25-2653 (OLD PART NO.HP-1631A)
Application: Tata TC New Model

Item Code: 25-2655 (OLD PART NO.HP-1633)
Application: Leyland Old Model

Item Code: 25-2656 (OLD PART NO.HP-1633A)
Application: Leyland New Model

Item Code: 25-2659 (OLD PART NO.HP-1628A)
Application: Diesel Jeep Single Rod

Item Code: 25-2675 (OLD PART NO.HP-1751)
Application: Tata Hella Type

Item Code: 25-2675XL (OLD PART NO.HP-1751XL)
Application: Tata Hella Type Deluxe Quality

Item Code: 25-2676 (OLD PART NO.HP-1752A)
Application: Ape Piaggio With Wire and Coupler